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A man is looking at a photograph when someone asks him "Whose picture is that?"

The man answers "I have no brothers or sisters, but this man’s father is my father’s son"

Who is the man in the photo?

Espero vuestras respuestas pronto.

Carlos repite como ganador y Walo se une a nuestro ranking de campeones. Ellos, de 6º A, son esta vez los ganadores.


11 comentarios

Carlos, 6º A -

The man in the photo is he.

I think you are right too.

Walo, 6º A -

The man that makes the photo.

I think you are right.

Miriam, Andrea y Rocío, 6º B -

It's me.

I don't understand what you say. You? or the man with the photo?

Mariano, 6º A -

He is the grandfather.

No, he isn't.

Víctor, 6º C -

He's my uncle.

No, he isn't.

Carlos, 6º A -

The master of the photo is the son.

No, he isn't.

Fátima, 6º A -

My brother.

No, he isn't.

Víctor, 6º C -

My brother.

No, Víctor.

Víctor, 6º C -

He is my stepbrother.

No, he isn't, Víctor.

Miriam y Mariano -

tio is

I don't understand.

Carlos, 6º A -

The brother my father is to say the uncle.

Carlos, I don't understand.