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Two explorers are travelling in the Arctic. They come across two bodies frozen in the ice, and they immediately know that they are Adam and Eve. How?

Ahora creo que sí váis a tener que pensar un poco más.

Bueno, bueno. Parece que os coméis el coco más de lo que yo pensaba.

Mariano, de 6º A, ya ha resuelto esta adivinanza. El es el ganador.

2 comentarios

Mariano, 6º A -

Because they haven't got navel.

OK, Mariano. You are the winner.

Víctor, 6º C -

Because they don´t wear any clothes and there is an apple tree behind.

Good answer, Víctor! But it isn't correct.
Other people can be nude and with an apple. You must look for something only valid to Adam and Eve, ok?