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He encontrado este vídeo en internet y me ha encantado. No sé si a vosotros os gustará, pero espero que me conmentéis lo que os parece. 


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Ivone -


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juanluis -

It's got one engine. It's got four spirals. It hasn't got no wheels. It can fly.
What is it?

juanluis -

ola soy de priego de cordoba y me ha pacrecido muy bueno el videosoy 6A

Laura y Marcelo, 5º A -

We don´t like the video because the cougar scratches the face to the little bear and it doesn't do anything.

Emilio, 6ºB -

It is very great because we can see a little bear escaping from a puma. The bear falls into the water and the puma goes after it. When the puma reaches the little bear, it scratches the face, but the mum comes and the puma run away.

Ismael y Francis, 6º B -

We liked the video because we can see the love of a mum and it’s very beautiful.

Lola y Maria, 6º A -

In the video we can see a story of a puma. It was in the jungle and he went after a bear to eat it. But when the puma was reaching the bear, its father appears and the puma ran away.

Andrea 6º B -

It is a nice video that teaches you very important values such as love of a mother, that no one is ever going to love you more than she. The video teaches you that the life of an animal, as a person, can be in danger. There are good people and there are bad people.

Fátima y Patricia, 6º A -

The bear throws itself into the water, trying to escape from the puma, Then it begins to road to defend itself. But its father comes and the puma goes away.

Belen e Isa de 5ªA -

The small bear is escaping from the cougar. The bear tries to escape but at one moment the cougar scratches to the bear. Its mum appears and the cougar goes away.
We like the vídeo because we can see the love of a mother to her son.