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Hola, soy Carlos, de 6º A. Ahora voy a ser yo el que proponga la adivinanza. 

 A man is saying : ’Who want to buy this rabbit that this evening was dead? The man that killed it was dead one year ago.’ How is this possible?

Ánimo, pensad mucho y espero pronto vuestras respuestas.


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Mariano -

Beacuse the man put a trap and the rabbit fell on the trap and dead

Rocio Lagares 5ºA -

was cheating the people and the rabbit was a different


The man before his death became a trap and a year that brought the trap to catch the rabbit in the afternoon


The man was left for dead but
actually alive and killed the rabbit

victor 6ºC -

Because when he(she) said it it was the evening of last year

Victor 6ºC -

Because it is re-traded to the evening of last year

Rocio Lagares, 5ºA -

the man asked a year ago

Andrea, 6º B -

The man lied.

No, the man said the truth.

María, 5º A -

He is dissected.

No, he isn't.

Marcelo, 5º A -

Because the revived and then he killed the rabbit.

No, it isn't.

María, Posadas (Córdoba) -

I am María.

Hola, María. Me encanta que te hayas animado a participar con nosotros en esto de las adivinanzas. Esperamos leerte por aqui muchas veces.